Why Choose Us

Why Choose FreshSites For Hosting

There are many web hosts out there today that say they are perfect for your site, but what makes us the right choice?

Our Background

FreshSites was setup by nWebDesign, a web design agency with a portfolio of sites that includes household names, small business and many more. With this background we know the need of secure, stable and supported web hosting, and this is why FreshSites was setup.

Superior Customer Support

Customer support is our number one priority, we want your sites to run as smoothly as possible and are always monitoring, securing and upgrading the back end hardware and software, but if the need arises we aim to give the best support we can.

All of our support team is based in the UK.

Automated Setup Of New And Upgraded Accounts

We don’t want to keep you waiting, so our systems are 100% automated for billing and new orders. No need to wait for us to setup new accounts, as soon as payment is provided, your new hosting will be setup within seconds.

The Best Pricing

We offer a diverse range of hosting packages from the smallest business/personal site to large corporate enterprises class hosting. We aim to provide the perfect mixture of affordability and features, our packages are competitively priced and aimed to fit any budget, all while offering the features our customers need.

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