What’s New In WordPress 4.9

WordPress 4.9 is expected to be released on November 14th, 2017. Thanks to the Beta version, we were able to get a good look at some of the new features and changes that are expected with its launch. 

An Improved Code Editing Experience

WordPress 4.9 will bring a much better code editing experience to users. You will see an enhanced code editor while editing code in custom CSS,  the theme editor, or plugin editor.

The code editor now comes with syntax highlighting, code suggestions, and auto-completion. For anyone who has encountered syntax errors when editing your theme, this enhancement will automatically fix many common mistakes that cause such errors.


The New Gallery Widget

WordPress 4.8 brought media widgets including rich text, audio, image, and video. WordPress 4.9 will introduce the new gallery widget. It will allow you to create a native WordPress gallery and add it to any widget ready areas.


Save And Schedule Theme Changes In The Customizer

WordPress 4.9 will introduce saving theme customizations as a draft. Now when you make changes to a theme using the customizer, you will have an option to save your changes as a draft instead of making them live. This new feature will also allow you to send a preview of said changes via URL. You can send this URL to any user, and they will be able to see your website with the changes made in that particular draft.

Want to publish your theme changes at a specific time? WordPress 4.9 will also allow you to schedule changes.


An Add Media Button In The Text Widget

The previously newly introduced text widget came with visual and plain text editors. However, if you wanted to add an image, you still had to write HTML code. WordPress 4.9 will fix this by adding the ‘Add media’ button on top of the text editor. This will allow users to easily add images inside the rich text widget.


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