What Is Hosting Bandwidth

What Is Hosting Bandwidth?

Here at FreshSites we try not to use technical terms when possible, but there is one we use and would like to explain.

With every web hosting package we offer a certain amount of Bandwidth. So what is bandwidth and what does it mean for you?

Put simply, bandwidth is the amount of traffic that is allowed to occur between your website and anyone viewing it.

Every time someone visits your website, they actually transfer a certain amount of files to their web browser to display the page. For example, the home page for BBC.co.uk is about 800KB.  This is typically large for a web page. In comparison, Yahoo’s home page is about 70KB.

Every time someone views an image, or clicks on a new page, this data is transfered to the browser on their computer for display. This total usage is monitored and called “bandwidth usage”.

Each of our hosting accounts come with a bandwidth monitor so you can find out exactly how much you have used.

A Great tool for finding out how big your pages are is https://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/ –  run a test on a specific page and it’ll tell you how fast it loads, and how big the page is.

How Much Bandwidth Is Enough?

A Simple method of finding out how much bandwidth you need can be calculated using the following formula:

Avg Daily Visitors x Avg Page Views x Avg Page Size x 31 x Margin of error.

As an example here at FreshSites, we average around 20 clicks a day, on average 5 pages per visit, and an average page size of 600KB,  we only use around 1GB of bandwidth a month.

Our basic packages start at 10GB bandwidth (10240MB) so we could grow our visitor numbers 10x as big before using a basic packages bandwidth allocation.


Most small companies can expect around 5-10 visits a day, and will not need more than our 10GB Basic limit. If you have a website that has few images and very static, you wont need much bandwidth (low image pages are generally 80KB or less). If you go over the amount of bandwidth allocated in your plan, we can upgrade your package to add more bandwidth as and when is needed.


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