Schedule Posts With WordPress

Schedule Your Blog Posts In WordPress

Do you have a visitor base in another timezone? Do you have a lot of content ready to post on your blog, but want to space the posts out over time without having to post every day/week?

Keeping your regular visitors is an important part of building up your blog, but what happens if your regular visitors all come on at 6am, whilst you’re still tucked up in bed? The simple answer is, schedule your posts!

Scheduled posts in WordPress is simple, and means you can write your content at a time that is convenient for you, and post it at a time that is convenient for your readers, without having to get up in the early hours of the morning.

Follow our simple steps below and you can be writing and posting at times that suits everyone.

  1. Log into your WordPress Dashboard and write a new post.
  2. At the right, instead of clicking publish, click on ‘Edit’ beside ‘Publish immediately’:
    Wordpress Publish
  3. Modify the date/time to the time you wish the post to be published and click ‘OK’:
    Wordpress future publish

That’s it, it really is that simple! Your post will ‘go live’ at the date and time you selected, so if you’re asleep and your readers aren’t, they can still read your latest creation(s).

You can do this for as many or as little of your posts as you wish, so if you want to publish a post NOW, you can still do so by clicking on Publish, if you want to schedule your post to show up tomorrow, or in a week, or even in a year, you can.

This is ideal if you’re going on holiday, write your posts now, set them to publish later, and your blog will still be updating.

Have you got other reasons for scheduling posts, whether it be creative, productive, or downright wacky, let us know below!

Remember, when choosing a WordPress web host you need to pick a stable and secure host that doesn’t go down, because if your  sites down, what’s the point to scheduling!



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