Rank Better in Google Using HTTPS

Google have recently announced that using HTTPS effects your position in its search results. This means simply adding a SSL Certificate to your hosting and using HTTPS means better results.

Whilst only a small ranking factor at the moment, Google has said it wants to make the web more secure and this will mean in the future it could be a much bigger ranking factor.

We all know the world of SEO is complex, so adding a little trick like this could mean ranking higher than your competitors.

So, What Is HTTPS?

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is an encrypted communication protocol that secures the connection between a website and a visitor’s web browser. By default most sites use HTTP which is a unencrypted connection to the website.

If you look at the address bar for FreshSites, you will see we have https:// in it and the green padlock. If you click the padlock you will see our SSL Certificate information. This means our site is secure, and gives us a great little SEO boost.

So What Is SSL Certificate?

A SSL Certificate is a certificate that verifies the connection from the server to your browser  is secure, and encrypted. Every website running HTTPS must use one.

So how do I get HTTPS?

The process is pretty simple here at FreshSites, simply purchase a SSL Certificate and we will install it for you, and tell your website to use HTTPS connections.


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