New Recommended WordPress Plugin: BruteProtect

With so many sites now running WordPress (Over 12,000,000!), it’s no surprise that it’s a favourite target for hackers. The botnet attacks that have been slowly growing in size now have a new nemesis, BruteProtect.

Automattic – the company behind WordPress have announced they have acquired BruteProtect, a security and management tool for WordPress.

The BruteProtect plugin is currently a stand-alone plugin for WordPress, but it’s soon to be included in the WordPress developers extended range of tools, Jetpack (another plugin we recommend!).

At the moment BruteProtect offer a premium service on top of their free option, but with the acquisition by Automattic, the premium range of services will soon be available for free.

But don’t delay in installing it, we recommend all of our users to install the plugin, and when available on Jetpack, simply remove the plugin and swap to the Jetpack version.

So what does BruteProtect do?

BruteProtect protects sites from malicious log-in attempts, but it also ensures that your WordPress installation, plug-ins and themes are always up to date. Users are given the option to automatically update plugins and themes with just a few clicks on setup. The service also provides uptime monitoring and soon to be released tools for malware scanning.

If you need help installing this plugin, simply contact our support department and we can help you install it today.

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