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Custom Built Cloud WordPress hosting with advanced performance, security and full management. Backed by our UK Based support team.

Fast UK Managed WordPress Hosting

Grow your site with the UK's best WordPress hosting. 24/7 UK Based support and our custom-built performance cloud hosting.


Looking to build a single site for your business, project or community? Here is the perfect package to start! Sign up for our personal package and receive the full range of benefits of our managed hosting platform today.

  • 1 WordPress Install
  • Unlimited Transfer/Visits
  • 1 CPU Core
  • 1GB Ram
  • 30GB SSD Storage

£25 / Month

Try Risk Free for 30 days

Personal Plus

Is your website traffic starting to increase or you have more than a single site you want to host? Then our Personal Plus package is for you. Powered by our reliable Cloud based system and with increased disk space, you’ll find that your site will run flawlessly on our servers.

  • 4 WordPress Installs
  • Unlimited Transfer/Visits
  • 2 CPU Cores
  • 2GB Ram
  • 60GB SSD Storage

£40 / Month

Try Risk Free for 30 days


Running an online store, service, or just experiencing lots of traffic? Then you’ll need the space and power of our Business package. Added RAM and increased disk space, combined with the full benefits of our management platform will ensure your business has all it needs to grow and succeed.

  • 10 WordPress Installs
  • Unlimited Transfer/Visits
  • 2 CPU Cores
  • 4GB Ram
  • 60GB SSD Storage

£60 / Month

Try Risk Free for 30 days


Backed by a 100% Uptime SLA our Enterprise solutions provide a Multi-Server setup with load balancing, available across multiple data centres.  Your site will be online and functioning at all times. A dedicated Account Manager will also be assigned to you so you have a direct contact point.

  •    100% Uptime SLA
  •    Load Balancing
  •    Multi-Server Setup
  •    Dedicated Account Manager

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Managed WordPress hosting from FreshSites gives you access to automatic theme, plugin and core WordPress updates for your WordPress web hosting. All of our Managed WordPress web hosting is backed by a 99.98% uptime guarantee, 24/7/365 tech support from our WordPress experts, a 30 day money back guarantee, PHP 7.3, NGINX, MySQL , and much more.

With 10 years of experience in WordPress web hosting, and hosting over 7,000 WordPress websites, it’s clear to see why FreshSites is one of the most recommended hosting companies in the UK. We offer domain registration, web hosting, cloud hosting and more.

Our managed WordPress hosting comes with dedicated resources for your web site and is based on cloud virtual private servers. All Ram, CPU and port speed are dedicated to your WordPress website, this is why the cost of managed WordPress hosting is higher than our range of shared web hosting packages.

FreshSites head office is based in London, UK and we believe we offer the best WordPress hosting in the UK, with better hosting reviews and website loading times than 1and1, TSOHost and 123reg.

Hosting Built from the ground up for performance.

We custom built our hosting stack from the ground up to give you the best WordPress hosting experience.

managed wordpress hosting built for performance nginx

NGINX - Our Web server of choice

Most of our customers come to us from previously using Apache as their web server, especially in front of a PHP-based system using mod-PHP. One of the core problems with Apache is that, because of its process model, it doesn’t scale out for high availability, and uses a lot of CPU and RAM.  

NGINX is an open source, lightweight, high-performance web server designed to replace Apache. Nginx accelerates content and application delivery, improves security and facilitates availability and scalability for some of the busiest websites on the Internet.

We replace Apache with NGINX and utilize PHP-FPM which allows for PHP to run as an application server. Doing it in this way allows FPM to cache results for future uses. This, in turn, provides a faster, less intensive usage scenario that means even our personal packages can handle huge amounts of concurrent users.

managed wordpress hosting built for performance mariadb

MariaDB - An open source replacement for MySQL

The original MySQL was created by a Finnish/Swedish company, MySQL AB and the first version of MySQL appeared in 1995. It was initially created for personal usage but in a few years evolved into a enterprise grade database and it became the worlds most popular open source relational database software – and it still is. In January 2008, Sun Microsystems bought MySQL for $1 billion. Soon after, Oracle acquired all of Sun Microsystems.

Out of distrust in Oracle stewardship of MySQL, the original developers of MySQL forked it and created MariaDB in 2009. Since this time, all of our database needs have been utilizing MariaDB.

managed wordpress hosting built for performance php-fpm

PHP-FPM, A better way of using PHP.

If your primary goal for hosting your web application with an optimized cloud service is to achieve optimal performance and security, then PHP-FPM is the way forward. A request made by PHP consists of interpreting files or associated scripts, and each interpretation draws on elements and actions to be executed. By default, a PHP file is read in an identical and independent manner on each request, without taking any previous requests into account.

With PHP-FPM, the elements and instructions called on when a request is made are stored, i.e. cached on the server, to be reused directly if the same request is made again. Fewer requests on the filer, therefore, means decreased load on the machine, and better availability of resources to carry out other tasks.

managed wordpress hosting built for performance cloud servers

Cloud Based Servers

All of our hosting is taken care of on our Cloud-based servers, utilizing the latest in Cloud technology. This offers great stability and security as it means if a hardware issue ever arises, our virtual servers can be transferred elsewhere, ensuring our sites never experience any downtime.

At FreshSites, we’ve custom-built our own software stack to make sure we’re equipped to provide you with the best security measures and performance possible in regards to Internet hosting.

Support That Goes The Extra Mile.

freshsites managed wordpress hosting support

Our motto has always been to focus on support first. Our highly skilled UK based support staff are here to help in any way they can, and will always strive to go above and beyond for you. You can see from our testimonials how highly our staff are praised. FreshSites is a 100% employee owned company, that’s why it is our goal to provide the best service possible to our customers.

We have brilliant designers. We have passionate developers. And we would love to help you set up your site. We can also assist you with the day to day running of your site to make sure it’s a success. You can contact us with any queries via our Live Chat and Email and Ticket support; 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Security you can trust.

At FreshSites, our job is to provide a hosting platform that is resistant to cyber attacks. We can guarantee that your website will be hosted in a completely secure environment, keeping it safe from data breaches and other malicious acts. Security is imperative to any site as a secure site not only offers protection, but runs faster and ranks higher within search engine results.

This is why we invest our time and money into the best cyber-security technologies available. Fail2ban allows us to lock out botnets, whilst NGINX allows us to rate limit attacks. All file uploads, code changes and traffic is also scanned and cleaned of anything that may harm your site. We actively monitor every site on our network, alerting us to issues that most hosts won’t even touch. We then clean and restore, and patch any security holes. This approach, combined with our finely tuned technology stack and real time security threat detection means our platform can meet even the most demanding security requirements.

Any security holes that we do find on our network are automatically patched on every site we host, meaning you’re on the bleeding-edge of security updates.

UK Managed WordPress Hosting Package Comparison

  Personal Personal Plus Business
Cost £25 / Month £40 / Month £60 / Month
Installs 1 4 10
Environment Virtual Dedicated Virtual Dedicated Virtual Dedicated
CPU 1 Core 2 Cores 2 Cores
SSD Disk Space 30GB 40GB 60GB
Bandwidth/Visits Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Dedicated IP YES YES YES
Backups 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days
Redis Cache YES YES YES
Speed Optimisation YES YES YES
Security Optimization YES YES YES
24/7 Ticket Support YES YES YES
Automatic WordPress Core Updates YES YES YES
Automatic Theme Updates YES YES YES
Automatic Plugin Updates YES YES YES
Multisite Ready NO YES YES
Dedicated Account Manager NO NO YES

All Accounts come with:

freshsites managed wordpress hosting comes with wp-cli


WP-CLI allows developers to manage their WordPress installations via SSH. Easily export/import, search/replace & more.

freshsites managed wordpress hosting comes with git


Git is the most commonly used version control system today and is automatically installed on all accounts.

freshsites managed wordpress hosting comes with auto updates

Auto Updates

Never have to worry about updating your core WordPress features, plugins or themes again with our automatic update system.

freshsites managed wordpress hosting comes with free ssl

Free SSL

Thanks to LetsEncrypt, we provide FREE SSL certificates for all domains hosted on our platform.

freshsites managed wordpress hosting comes with free transfer

Free Transfer

We’re happy to migrate your WordPress site free of charge no matter who your previous provider was.

freshsites managed wordpress hosting comes with daily backups

Daily Backups

We back up every site up nightly to our remote storage utilising Amazon’s S3 for disaster recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Your managed WordPress hosting cover?

We will cover plugin updates, theme installation, plugin configuration, Security fixes, WordPress upgrades, Comment Spam checking, backups, duplication, WooCommerce. If you want to know if we cover something specifically, please ask our support team.

How long does it take to move WordPress over?

We will ask you for your old host’s details if you have an existing site. Once we have these the process is normally done within the hour, and DNS can take roughly 20 minutes to 24 hours (usually 20 minutes!).

Is it easy to get started with WordPress?

WordPress is a great system for beginners to get started with, there are no files to download and it can be accessed anywhere in the world via the internet. All you need to do is log in and create pages and blog posts, and you can easily select from over 2,700+ free themes. We believe most users can get a WordPress website up and running within an hour.

My WordPress site is too big for your packages, do you offer custom packages?

Yes! We offer a range of custom packages from shared hosting, virtual private servers right through to multiple server setups for our clients, Contact us today or chat with us on live chat.

I have an existing WordPress site, is it easy to move to you?

Yes, WordPress is very easy to move and we offer a free transfer in service. Simply contact us with your control panel details for your old host and we will transfer it for you within minutes.

I want to build my site in WordPress before putting it live, can I do that with you?

We can provide a temporary address for you to build your site on pointing your domain name to us, simply contact our support department after signing up to get a temporary address setup.

I would like to use Gmail with your hosting, is that possible?

Yes, we have an article on how to set up your hosting with Google mail.

Can I use Office365 with your hosting?

The Office365 service requires you to setup your domain to point to their DNS servers, once set up with them we can supply the details for you to change on their system to get your website working with us. simply contact our support department after signing up to get the details for this.

Are your servers PCI DSS Compliant?

Yes, we are fully compliant with PCI DSS. If you would like us to run a scan to show you, please contact us

If I make a mistake, how do I request a restore from backup?

Backups and restore of files can easily be done via your control panel. You can restore from up to 90 days previous. You can restore single files, whole directories, databases and the whole home folder in seconds. We are happy to show you how to do this, or if not near a computer, we will gladly do this for you.

I already have a domain name; can I use it with you?

You can either transfer your domain to our control or update the name servers of your domain to point to us. We are happy to help you with this process, even doing it for you if you give us your login details. simply contact our support department after signing up to help with this.

How many sites do you host per server?

Each instance is run on our cloud-based servers. Resources are dedicated and guaranteed to be available for usage. Should the load of a cloud instance be too high, the cloud server offloads the workload to a less used node.

Can I use a domain name from somewhere else?

Yes, you can choose to either transfer the domain to us or update the nameservers or update the DNS, this is something we can help you with.

Is there any downtime when moving to your Managed WordPress hosting?

No when moving to our Managed WordPress hosting we can have the site copied to our servers and then update the DNS, this shows the old site until the new DNS settings have taken place meaning no downtime.