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Linux UK Reseller Hosting

UK Reseller hosting on our ultra fast servers with advanced security and UK based support team.

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Backed by our UK based support team, who are available to handle any issues, 24/7.

Are you a web designer looking to offer supported hosting managed by you? Our reseller hosting is perfect for you. It can help expand your revenue stream whilst putting you in control of your creative works. We supply you with all the tools you need, all you need to do is promote your hosting and get selling!

Our platform is white label so your clients will never know you are a hosting reseller. An important step that makes your hosting look professional and feature rich whilst we support you in the background.

All of our Linux UK reseller hosting is based on cloud servers with advanced security and traffic filtering. We provide full GIT & SSH Access on all accounts giving you full control.

This is all backed by our UK based support team, who are available to handle any issues, 24/7.

freshsites reseller hosting

Security that works.

At FreshSites, our job is to provide a hosting platform that is resistant to cyber attacks. We can guarantee that your website will be hosted in a completely secure environment, keeping it safe from data breaches and other malicious acts. Security is imperative to any site as a secure site not only offers protection but runs faster and ranks higher within search engine results.

Any security holes that we do find on our network are automatically patched on every site we host, meaning you’re on the bleeding-edge of security updates.

reseller hosting file scanning security

All file uploads, code changes and traffic is scanned and cleaned of anything that may harm your site. We actively monitor every site on our network, alerting us to issues that most hosts won’t even touch. We then clean and restore, and patch any security holes. This approach, combined with our finely tuned technology stack and real-time security threat detection means our platform can meet even the most demanding security requirements.

The Exploit Scan and Summary produces a check of installed web scripts for known hacking scripts which highlight exploited web applications. It also checks in commonly abused disk directories for any active exploits as well as a scan of all running processes. If exploits are found on the server, they are cleaned and moved to quarantine where we then patch the hole.

reseller hosting spam scanning security

FreshSites utilize the mailscanner system for all email accounts provided. This blocks email addresses based on global spam checking systems. All incoming and outgoing mail is scanned, and any bad emails are blocked.

We also scan any email being sent from your website, so if a hack is found, it’s cleaned and any bad emails it may have tried to send are blocked.

reseller hosting traffic cleaning security

FreshSites utilize a full-featured Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall application and Exploit Scanner. This allows us to scan for bad traffic and deal with it before it affects your site.

Our systems are linked in with global lists of malware detection and scanned as uploaded for any known malware as well as nightly for a deep scan.

Linux Reseller Hosting Packages

cPanel reseller hosting with Advanced Security, Spam Scanning & 24/7 UK Based support.


Are you a budding Agency looking for a better place to host your sites? You’ve found the right company! Our Agency package comes with 10 cPanel accounts allowing you to setup 10 sites on our cloud based hosting and every account comes with advanced security, virus scanning, traffic cleaning and is backed by our 24/7 hosting experts.

  • 10 cPanel Accounts
  • 10GB SSD Storage
  • 100GB Transfer

£25 / Month

Try Risk Free for 30 days

Agency Plus

Is the number of sites you host for your projects growing? Choose our Agency plus package, the same great features as our Agency package but with DOUBLE the amount of accounts, disk space and bandwidth.

  • 20 cPanel Accounts
  • 20GB SSD Storage
  • 200GB Transfer

£40 / Month

Try Risk Free for 30 days


The same great uptime, security and speed but with 40 cPanel accounts, 40GB SSD space and 400GB monthly bandwidth, all with separate cPanel accounts, fully white label cPanel hosting.

  • 40 cPanel Accounts
  • 40GB SSD Storage
  • 400GB Transfer

£60 / Month

Try Risk Free for 30 days


None of our packages fit your needs? Give us a call, we’re happy to provide a full quote for anything you’re looking for!

Our cloud based servers can handle any number of sites and we can roll our specific setups based on your requirements.

  •  Unlimited cPanel Accounts
  •  Unlimited SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Transfer

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Reseller Hosting Package Comparison

  Agency Agency Plus Business
Cost £25 / Month £40 / Month £60 / Month
cPanel Accounts 10 20 40
Environment Cloud Shared Cloud Shared Cloud Shared
SSD Disk Space 10GB 20GB 40GB
Bandwidth 100GB Monthly 200GB Monthly 400GB Monthly
Backups 7 Days 7 Days 7 Days
24/7 Ticket Support YES YES YES

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions here!

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting offers you the opportunity to buy allotted disk space and bandwidth to create sub-packages. You can then market and sell these sub-packages to your customers while paying us the package price. With Fresh Site UK, you get a cPanel and WHM to create custom packages for your customers.

Which Control Panels Do You Offer with Your Reseller Hosting Packages?

We offer 2 completely separate control panels: cPanel and WHM.
– With cPanel, your customers can manage their separate hosting packages when they buy from you.
– With WHM, you get the administrative control of your reseller hosting package with us. You can use WHM to create as many sub-packages you want for your customers.

What's the Difference between WHM and Plesk?

The basic difference is that WHM is used for Linux servers and Plesk is used for Windows servers.

With WHM, you can administer a server, create sub-packages, manage multiple cPanel, create and configure accounts for customers and change server settings of shared accounts, VPS and dedicated servers.

What Can I Do with the cPanel?

The cPanel (Control Panel) is a highly popular platform for Linux hosting packages. It is a very organised platform with icons for users to easily navigate through tasks. The cPanel is offered with all of our Reseller plans, Shared hosting plans, Dedicated hosting plans, WordPress hosting plans and Windows Hosting Plans.
How Do I Create Sub-Packages and Manage Them for My Customers?” style=”round” color=”peacoc” size=”lg”]
Sub-packages can easily be created via the WHM Control Panel. You can create individual hosting packages, configure their settings and manage them via WHM. For any further assistance, you can connect with our 24/7 customer support teams.

Can My Customers Manage Their Own Hosting Packages?

Yes. Once customers buy an individual hosting package from you, they will get their own cPanel for management purposes.

What are the Benefits of Becoming a Reseller with Fresh Sites UK?

Whether you are a web developer, designer, webmaster or a hosting business, Fresh Sites UK offers you the opportunity to save the cost of buying, setting up and managing multiple servers, managing billing and payments with your clients, and buying the numerous licenses involved. With our Reseller Hosting Packages, you don’t have to invest in servers and maintenance. Your costs are reduced significantly with our market competitive reseller package price. Moreover, you can offer a plethora of hosting options to your customers, which would be impossible, or at least very expensive otherwise.

Am I Allowed to Switch Between Plans?

Yes. You can upgrade any time from a lower plan to a higher plan. However, you are not allowed to downgrade from a higher plan until the plan expires.

Do You Offer a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes. We offer a 30 day Money Back Guarantee with all of our hosting packages.
Does Your Reseller Hosting Plan include a One-Click Installer?” style=”round” color=”peacoc” size=”lg”]
Yes. All of our plans, including, but not limited to our Reseller Hosting plans, are equipped with Softaculous, which is a widely used One Click Installer.

What If I Need More Guidance?

If you need more guidance or help, our 24/7 technical support team is always willing to assist. Please click here to view your customer support options.

What If My Customers Need Technical Assistance?

We do not offer customer support to your customers.
Note: Our Reseller Hosting Packages are anonymous. You can brand them as your own business and market them as per your requirements. Since we do not exist for your customers, we are unable to offer direct customer support. Your customers will connect with you for any assistance.

Do You Provide Anonymous Reseller Hosting Plans?

Yes. Our reseller system is completely anonymous. Following are some of the key points we follow to maintain your brand integrity:
– The server hostnames are not branded with our company name or logo.
– The control panels are not branded with our company name or logo.
– Our plans offer branded nameservers such as

Am I Allowed to Use My Brand on the Control Panel?

Yes. You have the freedom to brand the control panel with your company name, logo and other marketing information. Your customer will not know about our services through your system.

Am I Allowed to Resell Your Reseller Plans?

Yes. We give you the freedom to resell our reseller programs. We provide a certain discount on the monthly, biannual and annual fee as well. More information can be provided about reselling our Reseller Hosting Packages once you sign up.

Are You Able to Migrate My Current Websites?

We can, please contact us to arrange this and quote for the work

Will Your Experts Resolve My Customers’ Queries?

Unfortunately, no. We do not offer any end customer or technical support to your customers. We can, however, provide support via yourself, to help fix any issues. We can only deal with you

What is the Difference between a Reseller Program and an Affiliate Program?

With our Reseller Program, you can:
– Brand the service as your own
– Offer customised packages to your customers
– Set your own package prices
– Provide your own customer support
With our Affiliate Program, you can:
– Sell our packages to your customers by sending them to our website
– Earn commission on every package sold through your reference
Note: With affiliate packages, you cannot brand the service as your own. You only work as a bridge between your customers and our packages.

Can I add Sub-sellers?

Yes. You are free to recruit sub-sellers but you will be responsible for their system management and privileges.

How Do You Ensure Safety and Uptime of File Storage?

Fresh Sites UK uses top of the line storage solutions that come equipped with auto-fail and hot-swappable drives. By using these, we are able to ensure continuous delivery of data to you and your clients.
Here are a few benefits:
– All the drives are regularly tested for reliability and performance
– Each of the drives has redundant power supplies
– Faulty drives are automatically detected and replaced as required
How Many Email Addresses Do You Allow Resellers to Have?” style=”round” color=”peacoc” size=”lg”]
All our reselling packages come with unlimited email addresses. You can have as many emails as you want for your websites or your customers’.

What is MySQL Database?

MySQL is the most popular database language today. It provides a structured implementation of SQL databases for web pages. Since it is an open source database and completely free to use, you can even make changes to it to suit your requirements.

What are the Benefits of Using MySQL Database?

MySQL has gained enormous popularity over the years for multiple reasons. Following are some of the basic advantages of using MySQL databases:
– Since it is an open source platform, support and help are available in abundance. Anyone, anywhere in the world can work on fixing issues or making changes to the database to suit their websites’ requirements.
– MySQL is very inexpensive, and free in most cases. You don’t have to pay any additional licensing fee or software fee to create and manage MySQL databases.
– MySQL is the industry standard. Most of the open source APIs are compatible with MySQL and most Content Management Systems support it. The popular platforms, such as WordPress, only support MySQL databases.
– MySQL databases are easy to create and manage. With our reseller packages, you can create the database in just a few clicks.

What Kind of Support Do You Offer?

Fresh Sites UK has a team of technical experts. All of them have development backgrounds and years of experience in the industry. If you need any assistance, our technical team is able to provide you with support 24/7. We also have an extensive knowledgebase with the most frequently asked questions. You can build your knowledge and find solutions to your problems in this library.
Note that we do not directly offer support to your customers. However, if in case you need support for any of your clients, we are here to help you help them.

How are Software Upgrades Managed?

Software upgrades are managed from our end. This means that you do not have to manually update any software related to the hosting platform. We update and inform you about any necessary upgrades that we are performing on our end.

How Many Nameservers Do I Get?

The number of nameservers that you get is dependent upon the package you select. Every package offers a different number of nameservers. Please check our packages to find out more.

How Is the Billing Handled for My Customers?

Fresh Sites UK does not bind you to any particular payment method or process. It is completely up to you how you would like to handle the billing of your customers. We provide you with systems that you can use to manage the process.

Do You Provide Any Software/API to Handle Billing?

Yes. Our cPanel, server software, comes with a fully integrated API. You can link the API to your current billing software. You can even write your very own custom billing software.
However, we always recommended you use a billing method that is known to work well with web hosting plans. With our advanced plans, we provide a license of WHMCS, which is currently the most sought out billing method for reseller plans. WHMCS offers support for more than 50 payment gateways, including but not limited to, SagePay, card payments and PayPal.
To understand more about the billing methods, please contact our customer service teams or go through our packages.

How Long Does it Take to Set up with Fresh Sites UK?

It usually takes less than 20 minutes for us to set up your account. Please note that in order to prevent fraudulent activity, we manually check and verify each reseller within moments of package purchase. Any delays will be communicated to you by our customer support teams.

How Many Domains Can I Add to My Reseller Plans?

All of our reseller hosting lists the amount of domains you can add to the plans. Note that your bandwidth and disk space is calculated on allocation and not consumption.
Important: Please go through the resource usage policy in order to understand more about how it works.
What Servers Do You Have for Reseller Hosting Packages?” style=”round” color=”peacoc” size=”lg”]
We currently run the latest dual Intel Xeon processors with 16 cores, equipped with 32GB RAM. In addition, all the drives are in a RAID array, providing ultimate protection. This helps in distributing the data across multiple disks in case of a drive failure, while the server remains online. No data is damaged or affected.
Moreover, in order to make sure that no account overloads another account on the server, we use an isolation software to single out each account. This prevents the servers from overloading or one account overloading another; a problem with most other reseller hosting providers.

What PHP Software and Version Do You Run?

Unlike most resellers, we actually run a number of versions of PHP. We have more than 6 versions of PHP currently running. You can select the version of PHP you wish to use. In other words, you can test PHP scripts to check which version suits your requirements the most. There is no restriction on the version you use. You can download and install any version anytime.
Why Choose a Fresh Sites UK Reseller Hosting Packages?” style=”round” color=”peacoc” size=”lg”]
Fresh Sites UK gives you the opportunity to resell hosting services, bandwidth, and tools as if they were your own. You can sell our services to your clients under your own brand name, design your own packages and set your own prices. In other words, you can start your very own hosting company without actually buying the equipment or paying for the maintenance cost.
Fresh Sites UK manages all the backend tasks, including but not limited to hardware and software maintenance and management, server maintenance and management and load balancing, while you purely focus on providing exceptional hosting customer service to your clients.

Who Should Buy Your Reseller Packages?

At Fresh Sites UK, we have designed our reseller packages to be equipped with the latest hardware and software, and have market leading prices. These packages are ideal for:
– People looking to start their hosting businesses without investing in the hardware, software and servers. You can save the cost and hassle of managing the equipment by simply using our services at the backend. The business will still be yours with your branding.
– Webmasters, designers and developers who are looking to host their clients in their individual cPanel accounts without the need for a full VPS or Dedicated server can make use of our services.

What is Included in the Reseller Packages?

Our reseller packages offer everything you need to run your own hosting business, including but not limited to disk space, bandwidth, servers, cPanel, etc. Each package has its own variations. Check out our packages to see which one suits you the most.

What is a cPanel?

The cPanel is a control panel that is available with our Linux-based hosting servers and accounts. With cPanel, you can easily manage your hosting account and its applications, files, emails and other features. Your customers get their individual cPanel to manage their websites.

Do You Provide Free cPanel with Your Reseller Packages?

Yes. Unlike most hosting companies, Fresh Sites UK believes in providing you with all the basic necessities for free. We don’t charge you or your clients to manage and setup their websites. With our highly integrated cPanel, you and your customers can manage your websites on their own.

Can I Sell Domain Names with Your Reseller Packages?

Yes. With our reseller packages, you can do more than just sell hosting packages. You can even sell and resell domain names.

What Email Protocols Do You Offer?

Our reseller packages offer a variety of email protocols such as IMAP, POP, SMTP Email, etc. You and your clients can check email on any device and through any operating system- anytime.

What about Backups and Installers?

All of our reseller packages come with the Softaculous auto-installer. We provide this for free to make sure you and your clients can set up their websites easily without any additional charges. Softaculous is a widely used auto-installer that allows you to set up websites with just a click. As for the backups, your websites are backed up every 24 hours automatically. You don’t have to worry about losing your data or facing downtime.

Will My Clients Know About Your Backend Services?

Absolutely not. We provide you with the platform with completely anonymity. You can brand the service as your own without any relationship with us. Our reseller program is a white-label solution that allows you to sell the services as your own. Your clients will never know that we are providing you with the backend services. You get anonymous name servers, DNS clustering, configurable builder and customizable themes as well to help you with the branding and marketing tasks.

I am New to This Business. Do I Need Training or Any Knowledge to Become a Reseller?

Absolutely not. The best thing about our reseller packages is that anyone can use them to set up their own hosting business. You don’t have to be an expert in any coding language or with hosting services. In addition, our team of expert technicians are always here to guide you through the process. We handle the maintenance of network infrastructures, server security and management, hardware and software updates and loads, and so on. We manage everything for you leaving you to engage with your customers. However, do note that we do not provide direct customer service to your clients.

Do I Need a VPS or a Dedicated Server to Start Reselling Your Services?

No. The beauty of Fresh Site UK’s reseller packages is that you do not have to invest in hardware and software. We provide you with everything. All you need to invest in is our package price.

Do I Need to Pay You Commission on Each Customer Sign Up?

No. With our reseller packages, you only pay the package price. You can set your own prices when you are selling the services to your customers. We give you complete freedom to charge your customer as much as you want. Commission based setups are affiliate packages, through which you can send customers directly to us and get paid a fee

What is Bandwidth?

In simple terms, bandwidth is the rate of data, or the measure of data, that is allowed to be transferred in a given time. Bandwidth is measured in data per second.

What is Data Transfer?

Data Transfer is the amount of data that can be transferred.
What is the Difference between Bandwidth and Data Transfer?” style=”round” color=”peacoc” size=”lg”]
Bandwidth is the rate of the data transfer while data transfer is the amount of data being transferred.

What is the Benefit of Being Your Reseller?

As a reseller, you buy our monthly packages by paying upfront. The package prices are market leading and great value when you consider the features and benefits being offered. For instance, our Large Package offers 40 GB of disk space, 400 GB bandwidth, unlimited email addresses, free cPanel and a lot more, for just 40 pounds a month. Managing these services on your own could cost you thousands of pounds monthly. With us, you pay a nominal monthly fee for a plethora of features and benefits. You are able to provide top of the line hosting services to your clients without investing in servers and software.
You can create your own custom packages for your clients and earn the profit.