One Click WordPress Install

How To Install WordPress using our Quick Install System

So we like to boast our system is amazing for installing WordPress on your web hosting with one click, and we thought we would write a tutorial to show you how!

1) Login to your cPanel control panel once logged in you should see a screen like below. If your not sure how to login, please read your “New Account Information” welcome email. This email will contain your username and password, then visit:

cPanel Control Panel Home

2) Scroll to the bottom of this screen and in the section titled “Softaculous Apps Installer” the first icon you should see is WordPress. Click this icon.

WordPress Installer

3) You will now see a screen that shows you information about WordPress, what version is currently used, and a few other options. Click the blue button that says install at the top.

Wordpress Installer

4) On the next screen, you will be asked what details you wish to setup wordpress in.

Choose Protocol: 99% of the time it’s best to leave this as https://
Choose Domain:
select which domain you wish to install WordPress on
In Directory: if you wish for wordpress to be installed in a directory, like, type blog. To install wordpress on the main domain, eg leave the field empty.
Database Name: It’s best for you to set a random database name, leave this as generated.
Table Prefix: Recommended to change this value to a random name with a _ at the end of it, for example r45_ as this will help with security.
Site Name: Name your WordPress Site, This value will be displayed on the new installation
Site Description: What is your site about? This will appear under the site name on the live site.
Enable Multisite (WPMU): 99% of the time you wont need to change this.
Admin Username: Make sure you change this field, i recommend setting this to your name, as this is the account you will be posting from.
Admin Password: Set a password.
Admin Email: Enter your email address
Choose Language: Set the language.

Once everything is filled in click install

Install WordPress Button
5) That’s it! WordPress is installed on your Web Hosting  Visit your new WordPress website and start creating content!

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