How to Generate a Full Backup in cPanel

Ever wondered how to take a full backup in cPanel? Check out the steps below.

Generating a Full Backup.

First, you’ll need to be logged into cPanel, not sure on how? Follow our helpful guide on how to login to cPanel

Once logged into cPanel, go to the section “Files” then click the icon named “Backup



Now find the heading “Full Backup” and click “Download a full website backup

full backup

On the next page, set the “Backup Destination” drop-down box to “Home Directory

home directory

Select whether or not to receive emails once the backup is complete by filling in the email box, if you don’t wish to receive emails, mark “Do not send email notification of backup completion“.

finally, click “Generate Backup“

Once the full backup has completed, you can then navigate back to backups and click on the Download Full Website Backup button again, you will now see a link to download the backup.

Download Backup

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