How to clear cache in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer

Ever wondered how to clear cache in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer? Well here’s a simple guide on how!

Google Chrome

If your chosen browser is Chrome, once the browser is open, click the icon in the top left corner, just under the “close” button. Next, go down the menu till you reach “More Tools”. Once the sub menu opens, simply click “Clear browsing data“.

more tools chrome

clearing cashe chrome

A second way of this is to open Chrome, hold “Control and Shift” then press “Delete”


Internet Explorer

First off, you need to open internet explorer, then click the small cog in the top right corner under the close button.

Scroll down until you find the “Internet Options” tab, and click.

internet options

Once “Internet Options” opens, in the “General” tab, find the header “Browsing¬†History” hit the delete button.

Now you have hit delete, you will be prompted with the parts of your browsing history you wish to delete.

Make sure “Preserve favorites website data” is unchecked and check that “Temporary internet files and website files, Cookies and website data and History” are all checked, then simply hit delete.

browsing history



Start off by opening your Firefox browser, then click the “Open Menu

firefox history

Next, you’ll need to hit the history tab, then click “Clear recent history” also accessible by pressing “CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE

firefox clear


In the time frame box, change the drop down box to “Everything” and hit “Clear Now“.


firefox clear


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