Change WordPress homepage

How To Change Your WordPress Homepage

A lot of the time were asked how to change the homepage of a WordPress blog to a set page, so that it doesn’t show blog posts as standard.

This makes WordPress more of a content management system than just a blog, so its an important step you need to learn.

  1. Login to WordPress, make you you have created a page that you want to show when people visit your site instead of the blog post page.
  2. Click Settings > Reading
  3. The very top option is Front page displays: select A Static Page
  4. Select your new homepage in the drop down labelled Front page
  5. If you have a new blog page, you can select this from the drop down labelled: Posts page. A lot of themes have templates for a homepage and a blog page so you may want to create a blog page and do this step.
  6. Click Save Changes.

And that’s it! Your new homepage will now show instead of a blog list page.

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