Automatically Post To Twitter With WordPress

How To Automatically Post To Twitter from WordPress

Today Were going to show you how to set your WordPress blog up to automatically post to twitter when you add a new blog post!

  1. Login to your WordPress admin and hover over plugins in the menu and select ‘Add New’
    Add New WordPress Plugin
  2. In the Search bar, search for “WordTwit” and click Search Plugins
    WordPress Search For WordTwit
  3. Under WordTwit in the search results, click Install Now
    WordPress Plugin Search
  4. A pop up will ask if you wish to install this plugin, click yes. The plugin will then install, you will see it download, unpack and then install. Click activate plugin after these steps
    Installing WordTwit
  5. Hover over settings in the left hand sidebar and select WordTwit
    WordPress Settings
  6. On the settings page you will see a number of options, our recommended settings are:
    URL Shortening: Select Local
    Advanced Options: Check the following options: Enable Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) Tags (for statistics tracking), Allow Tweeting of Old Posts Now click Update Options at the bottom of the page
  7. You will now need to link WordTwit with your twitter account. under Account Login/Tweet Message follow these steps:
    Click sign in using Twitter, you will be redirected to twitter, if you’re not logged in already, sign in, you will then be asked to Authorize WordTwit to post on your twitter feed, Click ‘Authorize app’
    Authorize WordTwit

And that’s it! you might want to change your default tweet message pattern underneath where you just signed in to twitter to have some default hashtags etc, we use the pattern [title] – [link] #hosting #web for example.

Remember with social media people will be able to view your tweets 24/7 and you need a WordPress host that provides great uptime, like us! (currently 99.99% uptime!)


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