How To Easily Embed Flash In WordPress

How To Easily Embed Flash In Your WordPress Post

Have you ever wanted to embed a flash video or game in one of your WordPress blog posts, but not felt confident enough to delve into the masses of code that can be required? Well now it couldn’t be easier by using the Easy Flash Embed plugin.

Follow our easy steps below and embed flash in your blog posts quickly and painlessly without the need for any knowledge of code.

  1. Log in to your WordPress Admin Dashboard:
  2. Hover over ‘Plugins’ and select ‘Add New’:
  3. Search for ‘Easy Flash Embed’ and select ‘Install Now’ on the first result:
  4. Once the plugin has successfully installed, click on ‘Activate Plugin’.

The plugin will now be installed and ready to use, you may notice that nothing new has been added to your Admin Dashboard, the reason for this is that the plugin is so simple to use that there is no need for any configuration options.

Now that the plugin is installed, all you need to do to embed a SWF file in your posts is add a simple tag like so:

[swf src="" width=400 height=250]

Now when you publish the post, your flash/swf file will be embedded in the page. You can change the width and height by editing the numbers in the tag above, it really is that simple.

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