We have added the GoCardless Direct Debit system to our ordering process. This means you can now setup your hosting to be automatically paid via Direct Debit.

GoCardless makes keeping your invoice up to date via Direct Debit easy as pie. Direct Debit takes automatic payments from your bank account when the invoice is due, you preapprove an amount and on your renewal date it will take exactly what you authorise.

You can cancel the direct debit in seconds, and if you want to pay via card, or change to another account it can all be done in seconds.

If you’re an existing customer you can easily change to this payment gateway by viewing your next invoice from your billing account and in the drop down box of payment method simply select GoCardless and authorise a Direct Debit on your account.

If you have any queries or want us to update your account to direct debit, please contact support and a technician will gladly help.