Clear your DNS cache in Windows

Below is a walk-through guide on how to flush your DNS cache on Windows.

Each time you browse the internet, DNS records are being stored on your PC. Caching these DNS records can speed up your web browsing activity as your computer no longer needs to communicate with other computers to find out where something is located.

Sometimes an old entry will be stored, there are ways you can remove these entries.


Allow 24 hours to pass, during this time your computer will automatically find out where the old entry is stored, and make the necessary DNS update.

Do it yourself

Firstly, you will need to open command prompt.

In Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

There are a couple of ways to do this;

The first is to click Start-> all programs-> accessories & then click command prompt.

access command prompts

Another way is to hold the Windows key, then press “R”. A box will be opened, in that box, type the command “cmd” then hit enter.

windows command

Opening a command prompt in Windows 8

Firstly, bring up your metro “dashboard” (press the Windows Key if you are at the standard desktop), then type the word “command” you should see Command Prompt in the list. Click this and the command prompt will open.


Once the command prompt window is open, enter the command

[code]ipconfig /flushdns[/code]

You should receive a message of your success as confirmation when the cache is cleared. Also shown in the picture below.

command flush

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