WordPress 5.0 What you need to know

The release of WordPress 5.0 is just a couple of weeks away with the recent release of the 3rd beta versionof WordPress 5.0. Below is all you need to know about this release, and what to look out for. WooCommerce When WordPress 5.0 is released this month your site needs to be running WooCommerce 3.5.1+ to avoid breaking changes. WooCommerce Recommend making sure you have the latest version of WooCommerce installed BEFORE updating to WordPress 5.0 In case you missed it, WooCommerce 3.5 was released two weeks ago with some exciting new features and upgrades: REST API v3 Friendlier transactional emails Performance improvements We strongly encourage you to install the latest ... Read more

WordPress in 2018 Infographic

WordPress has come on leaps and bounds since it’s first release in 2003. It’s community has grown considerably, and the growth only seems to be increasing. WordPress is now the most used CMS on the market and it’s miles ahead of it’s nearest competitors. We’ve collected statistics for WordPress usage in 2018 and have 10 great facts to share. Sources:  

How To Setup Email On Your Android Phone (Samsung, Pixel, One Plus)

Not sure how to setup email on your new android phone? follow the guide below and add a new email account to your android device. If you haven’t done already, it’s advised that you create an account in cPanel before you begin. You can find out more information on creating an account in cPanel here. You will also need to know the type of email account that you would like to add – whether its IMAP or POP. The Difference Between IMAP and POP IMAP and POP are two different protocols. The main difference is that IMAP always syncs with mail ... Read more

The Best Caching Plugins For WordPress To Make Your Website Faster

We’ve compiled a guide on the Best Caching Plugins For WordPress. If you run a WordPress site, a caching plugin can dramatically effect load times for the better. Typically, when you access any website, you request information from their servers. WordPress runs of a database, and every time someone loads your site on their browser, they retrieve files in the form of CSS, images, and JavaScript. Your Internet experience is only as fast as the websites you visit. Typically, the best websites are also the ones with the quickest load times. A slow website makes for a terrible user experience, and let’s not forget the impact that it is ... Read more

The Best WordPress Plugins For Bookings & Events

Ever wonder what the best WordPress plugin for events and booking systems is, and why you’d use them? If you’re a freelancer or a small business selling services, you’re better off implementing your own booking and events system into your website, rather than relying on a third-party service. Sure, for events with a big attendance size, perhaps a third-party solution is better. However, if you’re a service provider with a few employees, then we recommend that you look into self-hosting solutions to save on cost and ease of use! In this article, we’re going to introduce you to the most ... Read more

How To Display Facebook Page Reviews In WordPress

Facebook reviews include user ratings of your products or services and can be a very important part of your business. Reviews help let customers know that other’s rate your products and that they shouldn’t be afraid of trying them too.  In this article, we will show you how to display your Facebook page reviews on your WordPress site to help benefit your business and generate more revenue.   Why Should You Display Facebook Reviews On Your Website? Facebook pages have a review system that allows users to post reviews and rate their favourite products or services. Having good reviews on ... Read more

The Best PDF Viewer Plugins For WordPress In 2018

What Is A PDF Viewer And When Would You Use It? PDFs are great for many situations, and a PDF plugin allows you to embed a full WordPress PDF viewer into a WordPress page. This way, your visitors can flip through the pages like a real document, while also zooming in, taking notes and printing out the document when needed. Some of the PDF plugins offer other useful tools for converting a blog post to a PDF or generating a cover image for a PDF that you can upload to your WordPress blog. In short, a standard PDF viewer enables ... Read more

The Best Drag & Drop Page Builder Plugins For WordPress

What Is A Page Builder? Page builders are visual design tools that enable WordPress bloggers to use drag and drop tools to create unique designs that won’t be matched by free or premium themes. The market for page builders is growing quickly, as more bloggers are keen to run personalized versions of their designs, rather than using external themes. Our post today will feature more than 25+ unique WordPress page builders that you can use to create both sophisticated web designs, but also thoroughly simple, elegant and business oriented.   Elementor With almost 1 and a half million downloads, you ... Read more

How To Add A Magnifying Zoom To Images In WordPress

Would you like to add an Amazon-like magnifying zoom to your images in WordPress? Being able to zoom in on images allows users to see things that they would not usually see in a normal sized image, whilst also making your website appear more attractive and professional. Customers and visitors alike will appreciate being able to zoom in on the finer details within images and an attractive zoom feature can really help to sell products if you’re running an e-commerce store. In this article, we’ll show you how to easily add a magnifying zoom for images in WordPress.   Adding ... Read more

The Best Inventory Management Tools For WooCommerce

Any shop that sells physical goods has to deal with inventory management in some way and running an online is no different. If you’ve used WooComemrce by now you might be aware of the fact that its inventory management features aren’t quite sufficient enough. While decent, inventory management requires a little extra muscle. The good news is that there are many great tools that integrate with WooCommerce to consider for managing your inventory.  We’ve rounded up what we believe are the best inventory management tools currently available, that should make running your business an even smoother and enjoyable experience.   Stich ... Read more