The Benefits Of Using Visual Composer In WordPress

The fine folks at WPBakery have created a WordPress plugin that has revolutionized website development for everyone.

For those who need to build or maintain a website but have never touched code, Visual Composer makes the process totally accessible. Visual Composer is a great option when working with a professional, as it allows your imagination and your time constraints to come together with their efficiency and expertise, resulting in a unique website that is also easy to manage.

Do you want to see your ideas for your brand presence come to life online? Then consider Visual Composer. Read on and I will tell you exactly why.

Intuitive, Award-Winning Front and Back end Editor

Build a responsive website and manage your content easily with the Front end WordPress editor. Visual Composer Front end editor allows you quickly switch between different devices to check how your content looks on a tablet or mobile device. In addition to the game-changing Front end WordPress editor, an award-winning Back end editor is available. The Back end editor of Visual Composer has been proven to be one of the most beloved WordPress plugins of all times and it is a no brainier for thousands of WordPress power users. There are over 100 drag-and-drop elements to build a sophisticated, unique website. You can skip the cumbersome admin panel of traditional WordPress, so anyone involved in creating or managing your online presence can easily jump in to make changes and improvements. From image galleries to video players, Google maps to message boxes, you can add it all without knowing a single line of code.

Tonnes of features and regular updates always keep Visual Composer page builder on top of the competition and this allows users to update and manage content fast and easy.

Its compatible with any Theme

Your website needs to be able to stand out and at the same time integrate seamlessly with your brand. Thankfully Visual Composer can be used with any WordPress theme and the Skin Builder feature will allow you to fine tune and perfect your colour schemes. Use the Front or Back end editor and add Visual Composer content elements to your theme and get started instantly.

Moreover, Visual Composer recognizes your previous content and wraps it into VC friendly format. No more content separation or hiding – Visual Composer stores all data in a standard WordPress content field which allows WordPress to index it.

Your WordPress theme contains custom shortcodes? Add them to your Visual Composer with Shortcode Mapper and use them as any other build in content element accessible from the Visual Composer element menu. Or extend Visual Composer for your theme with multiple addons available for anything you need. The options are endless.

Create Responsive Pages

Most people who look at your website are using a mobile device. With the variety of screen sizes currently on the market (from different phone and tablet dimensions to netbooks, laptops and desktops), it is essential to the success of your business to have a website that is beautiful and functional across every platform. Visual Composer automatically ensures that your website works, wherever it’s viewed.

Moreover, within the settings page, you can fine tune your layout and set when exactly your content should adopt to the mobile screens. Don’t want responsive design? No problem – within the same settings page you can switch off responsiveness and your content won’t get stacked whenever someone views your website on mobile or tablet.



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