How To Add WordPress To Your Addon Domain

Not sure on how to install WordPress to addon domains? Don’t worry, this guide will show you how!

First things first, you will have to login toy our cPanel control panel for your hosting. Not sure how? read our article on how to login to cpanel and our handy guide on how to add an addon domain in cPanel.

Once logged into cPanel, scroll down to the “Software” tab, then click “Softaculous App installer”

Soft app installer

Now you have accessed Softaculous App Installer, hover over the WordPress icon, and click install.

You will now need to enter some of your site information, some default settings will automatically be filled in by softaculous, under choose domain, select your addon domain.

software setup

The next step is to fill in site settings, followed by filling the admin settings.


You can now scroll down and click install.

Once installed you will see a page confirming WordPress has successfully been installed on your site.

wp instlal confirmation

Now that you have successfully installed WordPress, you can access it by going to your domain, followed by “wp-admin” or “/wp-login.php”.

You will now be prompted with a log in page for WordPress.

wp log in

You should now have access to WordPress on your site.

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