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Welcome to FreshSites Limited

Here at FreshSites we aim to offer the best hosting experience you can get. Our UK based support team are WordPress experts and we know exactly what you need in a web hosting package.

All of our WordPress hosting is on enterprise grade servers which provides a quick, always available platform for your WordPress site.

Top that all off with world-class support that our clients praise us for and you will see we offer the fastest WordPress hosting in the UK.

When we started FreshSites, we didn’t want to be just another web hosting service provider in the UK. We had a simple goal: To provide the fastest, best-supported platform with a customer focused philosophy.

And 4500+ websites later, our customers keep our inbox filled with glowing reviews.

Most of our customers have tales of frustration from using other web hosting providers. We are incredibly proud of the positive reviews we get. They fuel our determination to keep providing unrivaled quality and to keep doing the simple things our customers really appreciate.

Did You Know Speed is Part of Google’s Ranking Criteria?

Having a slow website can now penalise your rankings in search engines. Here at FreshSites we’ve designed our hosting from the ground up for speed. We conform to all google metrics including Time to first bite, an important ranking factor.

Fast WordPress Hosting

We Designed FreshSites WordPress hosting for Speed

Say goodbye to sacrificing image quality for speed, and other design compromises. We built, designed and optimised FreshSites for speed. Our WordPress hosting is not just lightning fast, it is ultra-responsive, and its uptime is just what you would expect from a leading WordPress hosting Company (100%).

If speed is important to you, sign up now and let us wow you.

Fast UK WordPress Hosting

BulletProof Security

We wanted to offer our customers a web host that is resistant to cyber attacks. That is why we invested in web hosting security that is designed to keep your site safe.

We know how important the safety of your files is. We know that your business reputation hinges on your site’s security.

When you sign up with us today, your online safety and website integrity are protected. We worry about hackers and malicious denial of service attacks so that you don’t have to.

Secure UK WordPress Hosting

Best Support in the Hosting Business

We have brilliant designers. We have passionate developers. And we would love to help you set up your site. We can also help you with the day to day running of your site.

Here at FreshSites, we can take the load of the technical aspect of online business off your shoulders.

We want you to focus on what you love to do and are best at.

We answer when you call; and fast.

We are an employee owned company. That’s why we are all motivated to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

UK based hosting support

Seasoned Internet Veteran or Newbie? We Are the Hosting Company You Need

Whether you are a seasoned internet veteran or you are an amateur building your first WordPress site, you will find our platform easy to use and ultra-responsive.

We designed our platform from ground up to cater for everybody. We are just an email or call away to help you out if you get stuck.

At FreshSites, we are a community and we are focused on your success.

Sign up today and get On-board

Easy to use WordPress hosting

Getting Started is as Easy as Saying “FreshSites”!

Whilst building FreshSites, we were determined to provide the fastest sign-up to website launch web hosting platform in the UK.

It wasn’t easy. We had to provide the tools, and make the user interface incredibly intuitive.

Then test, tweak, retest and tweak again.

Today, we are happy to say we nailed it. Your WordPress site can be up and running in minutes. Sign up today and enjoy the speed of our unique Fast Install application.

We guarantee that you will have your website hosted and up and running in record time.

quick sign up

WordPress Experts

When you choose FreshSites as your WordPress Web hosting provider, you are engaging the services of WordPress Experts with years of experience developing

At FreshSites, we are passionate about getting the best out of WordPress. And that’s what we do every time.

WordPress Hosting Experts

We are up to date

Our passion for WordPress keeps us perpetually seeking new best practice information. We always know the latest with WordPress. In fact, we actively participate in WordPress betas. We are always testing new features to ensure they run perfectly with our platform.

We are never, ever left behind. We are future proof WordPress hosting.

Up to date hosting

Lightning Fast Servers

FreshSites provides the fastest Web hosting service in the UK. This is because we didn’t just invest in the best software and hardware available anywhere, we have also optimised our platform for speed and efficiency.

At FreshSites, we always go a step further to serve you.

Fast UK servers

cPanel Control Panel

We have the industry standard control panel. For over a decade, cPanel has proved to be the most intuitive control panel. It’s reliable and jam-packed with features. Its graphical interface and automation tools simplify the process of hosting your website.

On FreshSites, cPanel runs smoothly.

cPanel web hosting

Daily WordPress Hosting Backups

We know how painful a lost file or entire website can be. We understand how frustrating it can be to have to rebuild what you have already done. We never want you to experience this again. That is why we backup daily to Amazon Cloud Storage.

If you ever lose a single file, folder, database or portfolio, we can have it back up in minutes.

backup to aws cloud

Latest Hosting Technology

FreshSites’ system runs the latest versions of PHP/MySQL, Ruby, Python and lots more. And they are always up to date.

Latest PHP, MySQL and NGINX

Over 280 Apps Waiting for You

FreshSites offers over 280 apps you can install with just one click. We have built and optimised for ease of use. Whatever application you need it is ready to be deployed.

If you ever have any issues deploying or managing deployments, we are on standby to help.

softaculous cpanel hosting

Multi-Layer Datacentre

With us there is no need to worry about power failure affecting your data. We have independent power backups in place in case any component of our system fails.

This means that we have one of the most robust hosting data centres in the UK; able to handle any eventualities; strategically planned to mitigate risk.

Multi-Layer Datacentre

We have a WordPress Hosting Plan for Everybody

We have built our packages to suit any need. Each package is not just affordable; it offers incredible value. Our packages are unrivalled at every price point.

Visit our hosting package section and chose a package that is right for you.

plan for everyone

Want to Move to One of Our Hosting Packages?

If you need support moving your website to our platform, we are glad to help. We will get your websites running smoothly on our platform and you don’t have to worry about losing a thing.

Please just get in touch with us and we will help you transfer over.

Transfer your hosting today

We are an Employee Owned company

FreshSites is an employee owned Web hosting company. All shares are owned by employees currently working in the company. When you contact us, you will be speaking with an owner who has a share in the company; someone who is motivated to give you the best possible service in line with our customer-centric values.

We are all highly trained and experienced to deal with support queries. Also, we are all based in UK and do not outsource customer service to call centre “robots.”

FreshSites is employee owned.

Web hosting that Grows with Your Business

From our years of experience as developers providing low-cost, outstanding web design solution to small businesses and UK household names, we have developed FreshSites to cater for both sets of customers; and everyone in between.

We have made it simple for you to evolve and grow on our platform.

FreshSites was born to solve this problem. Sign up now and get started with our industry leading, flexible WordPress hosting solutions.

solutions for all websites

All Your Stats; When You Need Them

Our Web hosting service allows you to have real time updates on web and server performance. Our platform allows you to see your website traffic statistics, common visitor trends and much more – All for free.

Sign up today and enjoy the amazing benefits that we can bring to your websites.

We can’t wait to welcome you into our community.

Analytics on all packages

FreshSites are a Nominet member FreshSites uses Amazon web services to run our redundant DNS systems and offsite backup Cloud Linux runs on all servers FreshSites uses KernelCare on all servers FreshSites uses NGINX on all servers