Here at FreshSites we aim to offer the best hosting experience you can get. Our UK based support team are WordPress experts and we know exactly what you need in a web hosting package.

All of our WordPress hosting is on enterprise grade servers which provides a quick, always available platform for your WordPress site.

Top that all off with world-class support that our clients praise us for and you will see we offer the fastest WordPress hosting in the UK.

When we started FreshSites, we didn’t want to be just another web hosting service provider in the UK. We had a simple goal: To provide the fastest, best-supported platform with a customer focused philosophy.

And 7,500+ websites later, our customers keep our inbox filled with glowing reviews.

Most of our customers have tales of frustration from using other web hosting providers. We are incredibly proud of the positive reviews we get. They fuel our determination to keep providing unrivaled quality and to keep doing the simple things our customers really appreciate.

Our custom-built cloud hosting platform supports thousands of websites by providing incredible load speeds in the UK. This is all handled by our UK based support team made up of WordPress experts, who are available to handle any issues, 24/7.

Our UK based Managed WordPress Hosting goes beyond just leaving you to manage your WordPress site. We’ll take care of all the necessary core WordPress updates while also optimising for speed & security.

Cloud based servers with nginx and PHP-fpm allow Drupal sites to be loaded instantly. With high-end security and backed by our 24/7 UK Support team.

Are you a web designer looking to offer supported hosting managed by you? Our reseller hosting is perfect for you. It can help expand your revenue stream whilst putting you in control of your creative works. We supply you with all the tools you need, all you need to do is promote your hosting and get selling! 



Having a slow website can now penalise your rankings in search engines. Here at FreshSites we’ve designed our hosting from the ground up for speed. We conform to all google metrics including Time to first bite, an important ranking factor.


Say goodbye to sacrificing image quality for speed, and other design compromises. We built, designed and optimised FreshSites for speed. Our hosting is not just lightning fast, it is ultra-responsive, and its uptime is just what you would expect from a leading hosting Company (100%).


We wanted to offer our customers a web host that is resistant to cyber attacks. That is why we invested in web hosting security that is designed to keep your site safe.

We know how important the safety of your files is. We know that your business reputation hinges on your site’s security.

When you sign up with us today, your online safety and website integrity are protected. We worry about hackers and malicious denial of service attacks so that you don’t have to.


We have brilliant designers. We have passionate developers. And we would love to help you set up your site. We can also help you with the day to day running of your site.

Here at FreshSites, we can take the load of the technical aspect of online business off your shoulders.

We want you to focus on what you love to do and are best at.

We are an employee owned company. That’s why we are all motivated to provide 100% customer satisfaction.


Whilst building FreshSites, we were determined to provide the fastest sign-up to website launch web hosting platform in the UK.

It wasn’t easy. We had to provide the tools, and make the user interface incredibly intuitive.

Then test, tweak, retest and tweak again.

Today, we are happy to say we nailed it. Your WordPress site can be up and running in minutes. Sign up today and enjoy the speed of our unique Fast Install application.

We guarantee that you will have your website hosted and up and running in record time.